Queen Of The Night

The Queen of the Night

… is a mythical character who appears in Die Zauberflöte – The Magic Flute – an opera by W.A.Mozart.

The Queen has two major arias (solo songs) in the opera, and it is ‘Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen’ – the second of the songs, which has become one of the best known songs from all opera. It is vocal fireworks at its very best, and as such, it is fiendishly difficult. This song and the circumstances surrounding it provide a recurrent theme throughout The First Vampire.

The aria is in the second act and in it, the Queen is in a fit of uncontrollable and vengeful rage. She forces her daughter, Pamina, to take a knife and kill Sarastro, her fiercest rival. If Pamina refuses, she will be forever cursed and abandoned.

Who or what inspired this character in the opera will never be known. Suffice it to say that both Mozart and Emanuel Schikaneder (librettist of The Magic Flute) were freemasons and members of the same lodge. As lodge brothers, they shared many secrets.

This performance of the legendary aria is given by European super-singer, Judit Lôrincz, and the language is, very appropriately for The First Vampire, Hungarian. This is undoubtedly the best rendition of the song available anywhere online. Link to YouTube Video

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Watch this space for a future trance/electro/house version of the song by Emy Tibangin.